Oracle EBS (Connector)

Oracle EBS

The Oracle EBS connector for the Purchase-to-Pay process is a tool that can take data from Oracle and turn it into a format process mining tools can use. It’s available for anyone to use on the GitHub repository at Oracle EBS Extractor.

Here’s how it works: first, it connects to an Oracle database. Then it finds the tables that have the important information for the Purchase-to-Pay process in Oracle EBS. Once it has those tables, it can create a record of events, or event log.

The special thing about this event log is that it’s in the OCEL 2.0 format. This means that it’s ready to be used with any process mining tools that work with OCEL 2.0, like the OCPM tool.

So, in a nutshell, the Oracle EBS connector is a tool that makes it easy to get data out of Oracle and into a format that’s useful for process mining. This makes it easier to understand and improve processes like Purchase-to-Pay.