OCPM software

The Object-Centric Process Mining (OCPM) tool, accessible at OCPM website, represents a significant development in the field of process mining. Built on the foundations of the PM4JS library, OCPM operates entirely within the browser, offering a user-friendly, efficient platform for engaging in process mining tasks.

OCPM supports an array of functionalities central to object-centric process mining. These include process discovery, with the use of object-centric directly-follows graphs and Petri nets, enabling a clear visualization of the sequences and correlations of events.

One of OCPM’s core strengths lies in its flexible approach to different event log specifications. The tool is fully compatible with both the OCEL 1.0 and the more recent OCEL 2.0 specifications for importing and exporting logs. This compatibility ensures effortless handling of object-centric event logs, making the tool widely applicable.

Beyond its proficiency in log management, OCPM also offers features for advanced data operations. Users have access to advanced filtering and machine learning capabilities, enabling deeper data exploration. An additional exploration feature provides insights into the lifecycle of objects within a process, enriching the overall understanding of process flows.