pm4js, or Process Mining for JavaScript, is a robust project committed to providing complete process mining solutions. The project is fully documented and available at the pm4js website, offering a wide range of features including process discovery, conformance checking, machine learning, and simulation.

Beyond these comprehensive process mining capabilities, pm4js is particularly noteworthy for its object-centric process mining features. These include the ability to import and export object-centric event logs, perform log flattening, and generate meaningful statistics. This object-centric approach offers a nuanced perspective on event data and fosters deeper analysis.

In terms of compatibility with the OCEL (Object-Centric Event Logs) specification, pm4js offers full support for both the OCEL 1.0 and OCEL 2.0 specifications. This means that users can import, process, and export event logs in both JSON-OCEL and XML-OCEL formats as defined in OCEL 1.0.

However, pm4js’s most notable strength lies in its complete support for the OCEL 2.0 specification. It is capable of working with object-centric event logs in both relational and XML formats as outlined in OCEL 2.0. This extensive OCEL 2.0 support ensures seamless data management, from ingestion to processing and storage.