pm4py, or Process Mining for Python, is a library dedicated to process mining. It allows for the application of process discovery, filtering, and machine learning feature extraction in an object-centric context. More details about these features can be found in the pm4py API Documentation.

The library has the capability to ingest object-centric event logs based on the OCEL 1.0 specification, including both JSON-OCEL and XML-OCEL formats. However, a key strength of pm4py is its complete compatibility with the OCEL 2.0 specification. It can ingest, process, and store object-centric event logs in both the relational and XML formats defined in OCEL 2.0.

This comprehensive support for OCEL 2.0 allows users to handle a broad range of object-centric event logs. It also simplifies data management by enabling the storage of these logs in any supported OCEL format.