OCEL 2.0 Specification.

OCEL 2.0 metamodel

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The specification document introduces the OCEL 2.0 standard, a novel approach for storing object-centric event logs. Aimed at guiding the reader in a step-by-step manner, it addresses the necessity and the benefits of this new standard in the field of object-centric process mining.

The document starts by shedding light on the concept of object-centric process mining and why the evolution of a new standard was necessitated. Subsequently, it delves into the specifics and advantages that the OCEL 2.0 standard presents.

Progressing into the more technical aspects, the formal definitions constituting the standard are discussed, and an example event log is introduced to help clarify these concepts.

In terms of practical implementation, the document explains how the OCEL 2.0 standard can be put into effect using both relational and XML methodologies. This is followed by a discussion of the tools that offer support for the OCEL 2.0 standard.

At the end of the document, readers will gain a holistic understanding of the OCEL 2.0 standard, its significance in process mining, and the practical avenues of its implementation.